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The Ultimate in a minimalist wardrobe...participating in the Clean Start Project.



Minimalist: Effortless. Modern. Clean. Edgy. Structural. Neutral. Bold. Organic. Confident. Essential.

My wardrobe is basically a uniform:  Jeans, leggings, skinny skirts, tshirts…black black black and black, thrown in with some gray goodness and other neutrals and I’m done. Think of the minimalist wardrobe as the fewest elements used to create the maximum effect. I can dress any of these basics up with boots or heels in a pinch, no problem. The simplicity of this style has made my life so much more relaxed and productive…getting dressed in minutes, no worries on what to wear to what event and feeling confident that I’m in my element in what is authentic to me.

This all reflects who I am and my style that merges into the brand and design of my jewelry. Made by my hands, the jewelry is a piece of me and my whole aesthetic. It is a huge and important component of my wardrobe, and honestly the primary focus.

I think through my life, I’ve honestly had a soul of a minimalist but the closet of a sentimental hoarder, born from the burden of consumerism, shopping out of anxiety, of my raising, society, habit, and of course, out of choice. The THINGS weigh you down. There are tons of other beautiful clothes hanging quietly in the closet that I just don’t wear anymore, while my staples lay ready on my dresser good to go. Even though my standard pieces are essentially a minimalist or capsule wardrobe, a collection of maybe 15-20 consistent items, I still have the stacks of jeans, drawers of shirts, stuffed closets, clothing and shoes I never ever ever wear or plan to wear.

It’s time to let go completely of the excess. I’m shaking it up and moving things out. Participating in the Clean Start Project takes my uniform wardrobe to a whole other level and is kicking this process into high gear, creating a habit of conscious pure minimalist lifestyle.


Blue7, a locally owned Oklahoma City gift and clothing boutique, is in the 6th year of their Clean Start Project.

They say, “It’s about a love of people and denim (They have an entire denim store within their shop and it’s fabulous!). It’s about the rawness and newness, watching the indigo fade during the movements and use of each individual’s life. The project brings a diverse group of people together to hang out and build a bond over our denim throughout the 7 months.”

THE RULES (simple yet complex): 1 pair of raw denim jeans for 7 months, running October 1 through April 30.  Wear 6 of 7 days a week.  No washing.

Think of it as a lab experiment. In a way I'm a Guinea pig. Take a quality garment, wear it every day and watch as it transforms in the most natural state fitting to the curves and movement of my body and lifestyle. I’m curious how they will look and feel at the end of the process.

"Buy less. Buy better." – Vivian Westwood

Part of the concept in this challenge is spending a little more on higher-quality garments and even supporting the designers and makers directly, many small business owners. Rather than consuming trendy fast-fashion, purchase well-made products with finer materials that last longer in the end and become staple and statement pieces to your wardrobe. It’s like splurging on those incredible Frye boots and wearing them for a lifetime, even though you have to resole, polish and treat the leather, they are treasures and worth the initial expense.

Yikes, you can’t wash the jeans! This was the hard one for me, but it's doable. The purpose in not washing and drying is to keep the integrity of the denim intact. It’s a big part of the experiment in seeing how the fabric works and changes with natural wear. If you throw it in the washer and dry it, it modifies the dynamic of the fibers and the shape that you are making which manipulates the outcome and will wear the jeans down quicker in the process as well. Raw denim takes on the characteristics and lifestyle of the wearer. As the months go by the denim stretches, dye fades, you lose weight, or rips in the knees appear, so things will need to be repaired. Patches, stitches and alterations will be built into the personality of the denim.

Some things of note to explain the concept for me personally:

1)     This is a personal challenge...mental…a commitment to myself, start to finish.

2)     It will curb spending. I won’t need to buy one stitch of clothing. I have everything I need and this will keep me in check. I have no reason to go into Target and walk into the women’s section and buy everything in the store, thank you very much…staying strong! 

3)     When I travel, I can take everything in a carry-on (I hope), which is a lifelong dream.

4)     It will force me to look at the rest of my world in how to create more simplicity and ease of a minimal lifestyle.


I’m in my first 10 days of the project and enjoying the process thus far. I’m so cautious not to let my environment make my jeans look too rugged quite yet. But, with 2 pugs who just love to rub their furry selves on my legs when I wear black and a rare spill or crumb I’ve had to spot clean once which, with raw denim, rubs some of the color off causing a fade. So, I have one little spot of transformation already but am doing great and loving my jeans.

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